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The Left - Gas Mask (Audiophile Edition 2xLP)

The Left - Gas Mask (Audiophile Edition 2xLP)


 2xLP 180g Audiophile Edition Gatefold (Limited Edition of 300)
Artist: The Left 
Album: Gas Mask
Release Date: July 6, 2018


01. Change
02. Gas Mask
03. Battle Axe (feat. Mu)
04. Binoculars
05. How We Live (feat. Hassaan Mackey)
06. Chokehold (feat. Paradime)
07. The Funeral
08. Statistics (feat. Invincible)
09. Real Detroit (feat. Marvwon)
10. The Melody
11. Reporting Live (feat. Guilty Simpson)
12. Fooled For Thought
13. Desperation
14. Caged Birds (feat. Finale)
15. Homage (feat. Frank West)
16. Get In Where You Fit In

Gas Leaks

01. Scared
02. One Day
03. My Green

Producers: Apollo Brown
Featuring: Kool G Rap, Mu, Hassaan Mackey, Paradime, Invincible, Marvwon, Guilty Simpson, Finale, Frank West


In late 2009, Apollo Brown, Journalist 103, and DJ Soko were shopping a record called “Gas Mask” under the group name The Left. A collective called Bloggerhouse (Eric Coons, Dart Adams, and Trav) were helping Apollo reach out to people who might be interested in putting the record out. Eric first brought the project to us with the zeal of someone who wasn't just selling, but truly loves something. I took some time, rolled something, and ended up listening to it front to back four times before taking the headphones off. I knew this was the next piece of our new label's puzzle and that Apollo Brown was the artist we wanted to have alongside Oddisee at the label’s forefront.

Even though the record was being shopped to multiple labels at the time, we knew it needed to land with Mello. We put together a plan to release two albums (The Reset & Brown Study) before we finally dropped "Gas Mask". The Left had created something so powerful that it deserved everything we could manage to put together to support it. We poured all of our resources into bringing on a PR team, college radio promotion, and crafting a special pre-album EP (Gas Leaks) that included Apollo rapping on the track “One Day”.  

We slotted the release of "Gas Mask" into an October time slot, when the weather matched the sound of the record and listeners were dialed in. Our first single was "Desperation" but, quickly, "Statistics" and "The Melody" became fan favorites. Looking back, "Gas Mask" sits in our catalog as one of my favorite records. It paved the way for the label and was the perfect start to Apollo Brown's career with Mello. I have nothing but respect for what Apollo, Journalist, and Soko created, and it feels as important today as when they first recorded it. To bring it back for our signature series Audiophile Edition is an honor and we couldn't be more proud. Special thanks to every fan who has listened.

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group Copyright 2018

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