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The Black Opera - The Great Year (CD)

The Black Opera - The Great Year (CD)



Product: CD
The Black Opera
Album: The Great Year
Release Date: September 30, 2014

01. Behold The Opera [prod. by yU]
02. God Speed [prod. by Arjun Singh]
03. No Water [prod. by Jansport J]
04. Rich Like You [prod. by Slot A]
05. Feedback [prod. by Jansport J]
06. Beginning Of The End feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow [prod. by Tall Black Guy]
07. Golden Silence [prod. by Arjun Singh]
08. Black Nirvana [prod. by Arjun Singh]
09. Never Saw It Coming [prod. by Arjun Singh & TBO]
10. Character Assassination feat. Kashia Bleu [prod by 14KT & TBO]
11. Talking Revolution [prod. by Arjun Singh]
12. Up And Up [prod. by Waajeed]  

Trusted with a culture kept under the concrete, the warning has been spread for years. Many assumed their operations were limited to underground societies or secret networks. But, The Black Opera have been among us all along. The time to hide is behind them. There will be no riot; the revolution has already taken place. The Great Year has come.

The newest movement from The Black Opera is truth. After the telling of the three part epic, The Black Op: Era I, TBO has returned without allegory or allusion. The Great Year is a modern story of emergence and art- a resistance to assimilation. It is a story of triumph and camaraderie and a renaissance of new thinking.

The new album’s influences musically are as diverse as they are aesthetically. From tribal rhythms to overdriven synths and from pulsing drums to intimate vocals, The Great Year’s sound is distinctly its own. Taking on a modern day palette, TBO has envisioned a new world, musically. With orchestration from creative minds like Tall Black GuyWaajeedyU and Arjun Singh, The Black Opera have assembled a team to help them communicate their message to the world.

Across the world, people put on the mask to reveal their faces. We are The Black Opera.

Producers: Tall Black Guy, Waajeed, yU, Arjun Singh, Jansport J, Slot-A, The Black Opera, 
Featuring: Georgia Anne Muldrow

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group Copyright 2014

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