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Oddisee - The Iceberg (LP)

Oddisee - The Iceberg (LP)


Product: LP
Artist: Oddisee
Album: The Iceberg
Release Date: May 23, 2017 (THIS IS A PRE-ORDER)
  1. Digging Deep
  2. Things
  3. Built By Pictures
  4. Hold It Back
  5. You Grew Up
  6. NNGE (feat. Toine)
  7. Like Really
  8. Want To Be
  9. This Girl I Know
  10. Waiting Outside
  11. Rain Dance
  12. Rights & Wrongs (feat. Olivier St. Louis)

Executive Produced by Amir Mohamed, Michael Tolle, Daniel Luedtke
Mello Music Group Copyright 2017

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