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Oddisee - Odd Seasons (CD)

Oddisee - Odd Seasons (CD)


Product: CD 
Album: Odd Seasons
Release Date: May 17, 2011

Track Listing

            01. The Supplier
            02. Almost A Year Since
            03. Everything Changed Nothing
            04. Everyday People
            05. Saw Myself Today
            06. The Second Date
            07. Theater
            08. Tell The Truth
            09. The Blooming
            10. Birds & Bees
            11. Juba May
            12. Warmer In The Day
            13. The Richers
            14. This Beat Is For Finale
            15. I’m From PG
            16. In Your Eyes
            17. Silgo Creek
            18. Sand To The Beach
            19. When Everything Changed
            20. Chocolate City Dreaming
            21. Viva Brasil
            22. That Day
            23. Ci’iy Life
            24. Frostbit
            25. Winds From The North
            26. Black Broadway
            27. Brainwash
            28. Que With No Coat
            29. 60901
            30. All Because She’s Gone
            31. It’s Over

Producers: Oddisee

Album Description

Four times a year the seasons change and carry a shift in atmosphere. The spring roars in on the wings of fertility. Summer consumes us with play before the heat fades, leaves change, and the first hints of autumn bring a bold crisp chill. And then it all lays still, like a steady drum beating a silence that envelopes us in calm through the end of our annual cycle - winter. Washington DC producer & emcee Oddisee palpably captures each season's feel and offers it up in a lively collection of beats, bass lines, vocal layers, and rhymes. Odd Seasons is the culmination of four separate seasonal EPs created over the course of a year featuring some of the brightest names in Hiphop today. Widely followed by legions of fans as the project was being created, now, for the first time, all four seasons have been mixed, mastered, refined and polished in this deluxe edition of Odd Seasons.

All Tracks Produced By Oddisee
Distributed by Fatbeats & IODA
Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group Copyright 2011

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