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Mello Music Group - Helpless Dreamer (Audiophile Edition 2xLP)

Mello Music Group - Helpless Dreamer (Audiophile Edition 2xLP)


Product: 2xLP 180g Audiophile Edition Gatefold (Limited Edition of 300)
Artist: Mello Music Group
Album: Helpless Dreamer
Release Date: April 12, 2019


01. From The Top feat. Stik Figa (prod. Dunc & Oddisee)
02. Birds & Bees feat. Diamond District (prod. Oddisee)
03. Official feat. Kenn Starr (prod. Just Wright)
04. This Is It feat. yU (prod. SlimKat 78)
05. Different Now feat. Oddisee & Toine (prod. Oddisee)
06. Home Comes First feat. Kenn Starr & Finale (prod. Apollo Brown)
07. Judas Priest feat. Buff1, Magestik Legend (prod. Apollo Brown)
08. Don't Sleep feat. Invincible & Finale (prod. Black Milk)
09. Black Rose feat. Has-Lo
10. FuxWitDat feat. Has-Lo
11. Helpless Dreamer feat. Roc Marciano, XO & Tranquil (prod. Apollo Brown)
12. For The Win feat. Fresh Daily
13. July 27th 2010 feat. Oddisee

Producers: Dunc, Oddisee, Just Wright, SlimKat 78, Apollo Brown, Black Milk, Has-Lo
Featuring: Stik Figa, Diamond District, Kenn Starr, yU, Oddisee, Toine, Finale, Buff1, Magestik Legend, Invincible, Has-Lo, Roc Marciano, XO, Fresh Daily


Before Mello Music Group existed, there were Mello Mixtapes. They were a collection of the new music featuring local artists I wanted to show support for and exclusives I was beginning to build. I put together cover art, mixed the tracks, and pressed CD-Rs. Then, I went around the city getting them in people’s hands. While listening to so much new music and trying to find my place in Hip-hop, it was a creative outlet.

Years later, the first official Mello Music Group compilation, “Helpless Dreamer,” was a way to continue that passion while the business of running a label began to take up more of our time. Creating the Mello compilation allowed me a chance to look for beats, imagine collaborations, curate a cohesive sound, and create artwork. The intention was to highlight the artists on the label but also bring attention to those we were working with or hoped to work with. The compilation became a perfect way to reach out to new artists and create new music with our team.

At the time of “Helpless Dreamer” we had Oddisee, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kenn Starr, Diamond District, yU, Has-Lo, and Apollo Brown on the team. We brought in Roc Marciano to do the title track with Apollo Brown and Oddisee’s friend Tranqill from the UK. The song “Don’t Sleep” was one of the first tracks we ever created as a label. It featured Black Milk production paired with fellow Detroit artists Invincible and Finale. DC’s yU also showcased his group, “The 1978ers” with Slimkat for the track “This Is It.” Putting the record together was one of the true pleasures of running a label and the end result combined instrumentals, new tracks, and collaborations with respected artists.

It’s special to release “Helpless Dreamer” for the first time on vinyl for our 10th Anniversary Audiophile Series. The original cover artwork was created by Kansas City standout artist Aaron Sutton of Visual Goodies. For this special edition, Aaron has allowed us to include an additional piece of his titled “Spirit Line” for the inside of the gatefold.

Putting everything together for this release has brought back a lot of good memories from first few years of Mello Music history. It has reminded me of the value of creating an annual compilation as an outlet for creativity and as a way to show the label’s direction while highlighting the artists we work with and respect.

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group Copyright 2019

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