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Has-Lo & Castle - Live Like You're Dead (CD)

Has-Lo & Castle - Live Like You're Dead (CD)


Product: Compact Disc
Artist: Has-Lo & Castle
Album: Live Like You're Dead
Release Date: Aug 5, 2014

  1. Go To Work (prod. Has-Lo)
  2. Yoga Pants (prod. Castle)
  3. Famished (prod. Castle)
  4. Henessey-Yak Rap (prod. Castle)
  5. Agassi & Ashe (prod. Castle)
  6. D.L.S. (prod. Arcka)
  7. My Uncle (prod. Has-Lo)
  8. The Big Ole Ass (prod. Has-Lo & Castle)
  9. Good Feelings (U Must Relax) (prod. Has-Lo)
  10. Stubborn Vice (prod. Castle)
  11. The Uncomfortable Truth About Stardom (prod. Castle)
  12. Live Like You're Dead (prod. Castle)
  13. Off The Bench (prod. Castle)
  14. Look Out! (prod. Has-Lo)

Has-Lo and Castle link up again, trading all new rhymes and production on the album “Live Like You're Dead”. Born and bastardized from a grim quote, the album is the Philly and North Carolina MCs letting go of fear in its many forms, and laughing in the face of Death.

The theme is live energy. Whether from uncouth trade-offs on the Arcka produced "D.L.S.", insulting and lusting after Instagram thirst traps on "Yoga Pants", to wildin' out over trunk rattling bass in the album's closer "Look Out!", crafted by Has-Lo himself.

This album is creativity unfiltered. It's reaching for the nearest vice, and scheming on a hoodrat in yoga pants. It's raw loops and disrespectful bass. Underpaid work and visions of living rich. It's smiling when reminiscing on the past, and laughing because it feels good.

Distributed by Fat Beats & The Orchard
Executive Produced by Anwar Sabreen & Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group Copyright 2014

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