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Cambatta - LSD: Lunar Solar Duality (Part Two: Solar LP)

Cambatta - LSD: Lunar Solar Duality (Part Two: Solar LP)


Product: Part Two: Solar LP 

Artist: Cambatta
Album: LSD: Lunar Solar Duality

Release Date: December 18, 2020


01. 24ours (Day & Night) (feat. Red Pillar)
02. nXggXrla tXsla (feat. Songbird)

03. Grand Number TheoRAM (GNT 1:1)
04. Mic El JahXsun
05. LSD...
06. Lunar Soular (feat. Songbird)
07. Psylense of the Lambatta (feat. Songbird)

08. Wings of Icarus (feat. Jamall Ray)

Album Description:

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), is a hallucinogenic chemical compound, first synthesized in 1938. Upon its introduction into popular culture in the 1960’s it quickly shifted not only the mind of the artist but also the person experiencing the art.
Hip-Hop artist Cambatta is known for his thought provoking and psychedelic-inspired rhyme techniques. His newest album entitled, “LSD”, is just as the title insinuates- mind-bending and consciousness-shifting. This album was created throughout four years of psychedelic usage and reality-based life changing events. This process has made the album a duality of both real and surreal interpretations.
The album’s title is also an acronym for “Lunar Solar Duality,” alluding to the album’s dichotomy of light and dark conceptualizations and countless other polarizing and multi-entendre-latent compositions. Whether you have ever experienced LSD or not, this album is sure to impact anyone receptive and perceptive enough to take a dose.

All Songs Written/Performed by Cambatta

Production by: Mathew Godfather, Chup The Producer, Lucid Swank, VDon, Nick Price, Gum$, Eddie Deuce, E. Bass
Recorded by: Andre Buchanan, HDMI The Engineer, Nick Price, Kyle Otto
Mixed by: Andre Buchanan, Nick Price, Kenny Buttons, Kyle Otto

Executive Produced by Eddie "Eddie Deuce" Smith, Michael Kelly, Michael Tolle, Cameron Carbone

Sounds Beautiful Like the Truth
Mello Music Group 2020

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