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      01. Born Tempo
      02. Requez
      03. Crimson Drip
      04. Three Magi Get Paid
      05. Solar Plateaux
      06. They & I
      07. Voyager Too
      08. City of Grass
      09. New Equalydian
      10. Played Thrice
      11. To Dust
      12. Sapphire
      13. Aural Floral


      Jordan Hamilton, a cellist equally equipped to perform Bach, reimagine Chick Corea, or bow a Drake top line. -Jordan Hamilton is a "one of one" instrumentalist who somehow allows the cello to land in new revelatory situations regardless of the composition, genre, mood, or approach.

      The Saxsquatch, a saxophonist bent on twisting his instrument into the singular voice of a beast. -Saxsquatch plays with a knowledge of the history/pedigree of his instrument, jazz to rock to noise, but does so with a proprietary blend of the styles that leaves saxophone sounding new.

      The Lasso, a producer who has pulled in everything while refusing genre across his run of LPs on Mello Music Group. The Lasso continues his role as providing diverse and creative landscapes that allow the lead voices of his compositions to become players in their own sonic fate.


      All songs written, produced, and performed by
      The Lasso (Synths/Programming/Bass)
      Jordan Hamilton (Cello/Voice/Piano)
      The Saxsquatch (Saxophone/Bass/Percussion)

      Recorded at Earthwork, Lake City, MI
      Mastered by Ian Gorman
      Art & Design by Mylkweed

      Executive Produced by Michael Tolle & Andy Catlin