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      01. Safehouse feat. Fielded
      02. Sometimes Care Looks Like Leave Me the Fuck Alone feat. billy woods
      03. We Don’t Really Need Altars feat. .k
      04. Moses Was A Magician 
      05. Here Be Dragons feat. .k
      06. E.T. Diamond feat. Koncept Jackson
      07. The Masters Clock is X feat. .k
      08. Hush Harbor feat Nosaj
      09. Sunchoke feat Fielded
      10. Holes In the Air Caused by Light
      11. Banneker’s Almanac
      12. Sly feat. .k
      13. Falling Up feat. Moor Mother
      14. Even Without You feat. .k

      A rapper cut from the Ice Cube archetype, Elucid is the rare artist able to seamlessly blend street knowledge with coherent political philosophy. Blessed with an unmistakable growl and relentless delivery, he weaves vividly detailed narratives that frequently deal with the theme of reconciling hardship and struggle with hope for the future. Genuinely gifted with words, Elucid’s knack for personalizing larger issues is undeniable.

      The Lasso was born to be a musician. Obsessed with making music from an early age, his interests soon expanded to studio equipment and production. The Lasso is a veteran of musicality and engineering, having produced and recorded hundreds of records over the span of his career.

      All songs written and produced by Small Bills

      Mixed and Mastered By Willie Green at The GreenHouse Recording Co.
      Assistant Engineered by Tevin Prince

      Additional instrumentation by Malachi Mabson, Jarad 'Saxsquatch' Selner, Jaws That Bite, Chris ‘Deep Greasy’ Pierce and Jordan Hamilton

      Graphic Design by Austin Hart
      Art by Machell Andre

      Executive produced by Michael Tolle, Andy Catlin, and Chaz Hall