Seba Kaapstad is not just a band; Seba Kaapstad is about showing people what it looks like when cultures collide - “Thina” is the product of that collision. The songs on the album tell realistic, yet optimistic, stories of life, love, family and loss - stories that come from the lives of Palesa Modiga, Philip Scheibel, Ndumiso Manana, and Sebastian Schuster. If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if a South African, a Swazi and a few Germans got together and used their talents to express themselves, this is your answer.

Seba Kaapstad is the coming together of worlds and experiences while appreciating how alike we are as human beings. Through the global perspective of the members, Seba Kaapstad are able to explore a soundscape influenced by soul, groove, electronic undertones, jazz and African music.

All of the Seba Kaapstad band members come from countries that have endured severe social splits. So, with the new album “Thina” they set out to demolish the musical boundaries between genres, and in this way also help bring people on all continents a little closer together.