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      01. Marlowe Three
      02. Past Life
      03. President The Rock
      04. My People
      05. The Jeweler
      06. Rom Auditions (feat. Romesh Ranganathan)
      07. Royal (feat. Blu & Joell Ortiz)
      08. Hold The Crown
      09. Light Trip
      10. Eddy Appetite’s Bulletproof Steering Wheel
      11. Lamelo
      12. Clarity
      13. Godfist (feat. Deniro Farrar)*
      14. Astounding Science Fiction
      15. Heist
      16. The Fall
      17. Plenty Dreams
      18. The Places We Leave

      *Scratches by Trackstar The DJ

      Vocals by Solemn Brigham
      Produced by L’Orange

      Cover Art by Ruff Mercy
      Graphic Design by Austin Hart
      Cover Photography by Kevin Titus

      Mixed by Austin Hart
      Mixing Advisors: Tom Harling, Willie Green, Joe Hutchinson, & Chris Henderson
      Mastered by Joe Hutchinson

      Additional Vocals by Romesh Ranganathan, Blu, Joell Ortiz & Deniro Farrar
      Scratches by Trackstar The DJ

      Executive Produced by Austin Hart & Michael Tolle

      Special Thanks to
      Chris Henderson of Hendyamps, Matt Young of Gearhive, Tom Harling, Jonwayne, Leah Lawson, John Barnes, Willie Green, Stuart McIntyre, Michael Tolle, Joe Hutchinson, Romesh Ranganathan, Nish Kumar, Langston Masingale of Handsome Audio, Gabe Moskoff, Chris Keys, Cesar Delly, Quelle Chris

      RIP Gift of Gab