Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
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 Dedicated to originality, L’Orange imbues his smoky, soul-soaked tracks with lush texture through inventive mixing and psychedelic cuts from classic radio recordings.  A shopworn MPC and vintage vinyl are essentially paintbrush and palette for L’Orange. He finds his signature samples from pre-1950s jazz, soul and radio.  He stitches together a sound that acknowledges his penchant for classic film noir and shadowy motifs.  

L’Orange albums are often cinematic and narrative in structure, exemplifying the artist’s highly conceptual creative process. While L'Orange is an inspired beatmaker and highly capable producer, it is the perpetual search for beauty in the dark, unusual and forgotten corners of music that make him a true artist.  Every L'Orange production is a unique, organic and undeniably original work of art, giving the listener a glimpse of the artist himself, even if obscured slightly by shadow. 


• Music featured in Moet Champagne Ad by Director Samuel Bayer (Green Day/Nirvana)
• Music featured in Chirstian Dior Homme w/ Twilight's Robert Pattinson
• Music featured on Adult Swim
• Created the theme song for Cinema Sins
"L’Orange is one of the most underrated beatsmiths and samplers right now"
- Stereogum
"L’Orange builds a gilded stage from a clutter of film, soul, and synth samples, refurbishing the 9th Wonder / early-Kanye warped soul template."
- Pitchfork