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Kenn Starr

Since the release of his hit debut single "If" featuring Talib Kweli and Asheru (produced by Oddisee) b/w "Walk The Walk" (produced by Kev Brown) in 2004 on Halftooth Records, and following his recent stand-out performances and classic quotable verses on albums such as Halftooth Records' You Dont Know The Half, Wordsworth's Mirror Music, Kev Brown's I Do What I Do, The Foreign Exchange's Connected, and Cesar Comanche's The Squirrel And The Aces, press, DJs, fans and the Hip-Hop community as a whole have been anxiously awaiting the next solo album from Kenn Starr. Kenn Starr is ready to officially cement his reputation as one of Hip-Hop's most gifted and charismatic lyricists as well as one of its brightest stars.