Hailing straight from the city of brotherly love, the Philadelphia emcee/producer started his early journey as a slow burn. The first big break for Has-Lo was entering the 2007 MTVU Best Music on Campus contest. Full of talented artists, Has' was a finalist for the grand prize and finished in the top 5. Riding that momentum, he released his first solo project, "F*ck Has Day". It was here that Has' showcased his rhyming and production skills with classic tracks such as "The Usual Way," "Unsigned Emcees," and the humorous title track. It was truly an early indicator of how his career would go. Has-Lo's dark RZA influenced beats and tales of loss and despair stand in stark contrast to his other side: acute humor and delivery of funny lines over bouncy upbeats tracks. It was this versatility that endears legions of fans.