Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
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Gensu Dean

Referred to by many as The Grand Incredible, Gensu Dean among other things has also been called Hip Hop’s best kept secret. Currently based out of Texas, Gensu maintains a Yin & Yang approach to music production. Combining both the analog and digital worlds, he is steadfast on the principle of Balance. Utilizing analog gear, a laptop for recording purposes only, and his vast sound source which is an extensive 7,000+ piece vinyl collection, Gensu Dean creates unique collages of beautiful yet hard hitting music. Living up to his name Gensu (i.e. the famous razor sharp steak knife of the 80’s spelled Ginsu)) he can be found scouring records stores, book stores, antique shops or wherever old vinyl can be found, or in his elusive lab with a razor sharp focus on creating his highly emotional, soulful sound, that stays laced with rugged and gritty drums.

When asked about his approach and production style, he explains, “My goal is to always create something honest and true to who and what I am. I want to touch peoples’ spirit and move them, to generate an emotion that will be life lasting with the listener.” With this mind Gensu Dean has produced incredible works with the likes of David Banner, Large Professor, Old Dirty Bastard, Roc Marciano, Planet Asia, Diamond D and many more.