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Prince George County, Maryland duo DTMD represents the youth movement among DMV hip hop. With Dunc on the beats and Toine on the mic, the moniker Dunc and Toine Makin' Dollas is a nod to the classic East Coast act EPMD, a duo that first hit stardom before Dunc and Toine were even born, but also serves as a strong indicator of their craft—striving to produce fresh and innovative music while maintaining a deep reverence for the pioneers who preceded them.

Dunc and Toine became dedicated to the notoriously "grown man sport" that is hip hop as teens in the PG, and established acts were quick to take notice. In 2009 Dunc's production 'The Shining" became one of the most circulated tracks on Diamond District's acclaimed MMG debut 'In the Ruff," an album that served as a rallying cry reintroducing the DMV to the hip hop landscape with a classic boom-bap sound courtesy of members Oddisee, yU, and XO. Toine appeared on the track '95 North" from Oddisee's '101," one of MMG's initial projects, and both contributed to XO's 'The Takeover Part 2."

Dunc's rich, full-bodied production serves as a natural backdrop to Toine's technically astute rhymes, layered deep with smooth instrumentation evocative of such luminaries as J. Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Pete Rock, each of whom shaped the classic hip hop sounds of Dunc's childhood. Toine's energy and bright delivery belie wisdom beyond his years, inspiring deep reflection as easily as sharp battle fare and complex rhyme schemes. Maintaining a close working relationship with PG neighbor Oddisee and assuming a strong presence in the collective atmosphere of the DMV's hip hop scene, DTMD appeared separately on MMG's "Helpless Dreamer" compilation, Toine rhyming on 'Different Now" and Dunc producing Stik Figa's "From the Top."

Early in 2010, the duo unveiled their EP "The Basics" debuting their sound on a six-track release serving to whet appetites for their forthcoming MMG full-length 'Makin' Dollas." Oddisee echoed listeners' praise for the project, espousing, 'These two dudes are way doper than I was at their age—I can only imagine what they'll be on when they can legally drink." Together, DTMD is poised to serve among the youngest forerunners of the DMV's emergence, certain to make waves as well as dollas.