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      01. Motown Connection
      02. God Aura
      03. Hand Count The Cake
      04. Tear Drops In The Sky (feat. King Magnetic & Verbal Kent)
      05. Street Gospel (feat. Salute Da Kidd)
      06. Knew Legends (Skit)
      07. Silver Spear Promise
      08. Olympic Gold Medalists (feat. Willie The Kid, Tristate)
      09. Find It In Him (Skit)
      10. Season of the Se7en
      11. How Many Times
      12. Rivers in The Basement of Truth (feat. Napoleon Da Legend, Lord Jessiah)
      13. How We Roll
      14. Camouflage Dons (feat. Dom Pachino)
      15. The Grind
      16. Outro To Detroit

      Produced by Bronze Nazareth
      Vocals by Recognize Ali