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Nolan The Ninja - SPORTEE (Cassette)

Nolan The Ninja - SPORTEE (Cassette)



Artist: Nolan The Ninja
Release Date: April 19, 2019

Track Listing:

02. ORANGES (feat. Jaye Prime)
03. TIES (feat. Latasha)
04. FARO
06. 2 CENTS (feat. Chuck Inglish)
07. GEMS (feat. A-Minus)
09. ACE
10. SUPPLY (feat. T3 of Slum Village)
11. KRUSH (feat. Black Nix)
13. MORALS (feat. Boog Brown & Charlie Smarts of Kooley High)
15. SOIL

Production by 5YNOT & Nolan The Ninja

Album Description:

     MC Nolan The Ninja has made a name from himself in Detroit, distinguishing himself among some of hip-hop's greatest artists in the area. His delivery is reminiscent of 90s MCs, crafting intricate patterns and clever rhymes.
     Traditionally, Nolan has been associated with a frenetic energy, his songs overflowing with syllables and style. Now, having matured as an artist, Nolan's new album, SPORTEE, is a growth in approach. Inspired by a lo-fi renaissance, producer 5ynoT and Nolan The Ninja created the new album with a minimal setup, emphasizing creativity and passion.
     The album looks at hip-hop from the eyes of a competitor, Nolan a gladiator in the sport of rhyming. Drawing from personal experiences, the MC finds ways to inject humor into the relentless bars. The new album, SPORTEE, is available everywhere on Mello Music Group on 4/19/2019.

“While making SPORTEE, I felt a level of comfort that I never have before. Over the past few years, I found myself subconsciously ‘experimenting’ with different styles. This album is the result of those efforts. My growth in delivery and styles almost feels like a reset button for me. This time, I’ve got an improved approach in terms of control. I used to just come with that rowdy but I’ve worked to add layers and subtlety to my flow. With this album, ‘sportee’ essentially means to proudly exude confidence, have fun and do YOU. Work till you find your ‘fit.'”
-Nolan The Ninja

Recorded by Nysa Brux at Assemble Sound
Mixed & Arranged by Nolan The Ninja
Additional Mixing & Mastering by Eddie Logix
Art Direction by Nolan The Ninja
Photography by Andre Moore
Graphic Design & Layout by Eyes Bleed Defiance

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle & Nolan Chapman
Mello Music Group Copyright 2019

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