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Gensu Dean

Often referred to as The Grand Imperial, Gensu Dean may be Hip Hop’s best kept secret. Currently shinning bright out of Texas like the great Dj Premier, Dean utilizes a vintage sampler by Emu Systems, the classic SP1200, as his weapon of choice. With device in hand and equipped with an extensive 7,000+ piece vinyl collection, Dean has created a unique yet seamless method of "chopping” beats and samples. Being dubbed Gensu (i.e the famous razor sharp steak knife of the 80’s) he can be found digging deep in the crates which provide the backdrop for his soulful, emotive sound, that stays laced with rugged and gritty drums.

Gensu Dean embodies the essence of true, honest HipHop, while his music personifies the art of beat diggin' with sheer creativity.  When Questioned about his production style, he explains, "I consciously use a vintage machine that represents a special & classic era in HipHop."  With this approach, Gensu has produced masterpieces for the likes of David Banner, Old Dirty Bastard, Royal Flush, and Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) to name a few.  This trademark sound has lead to co-signs from music industry giants such as DJ Premier & DJ Spinna.